Your summer journey starts here

Spark Summer is a multicultural 4-week summer hub where students aged 12+ can fully engage in a collaborative environment while developing life long skills and enhancing their academic portfolio.

Why Spark Summer

Spark Summer focuses on students' experience and how to expand their potential and develop multicultural perspectives, empathy and knowledge.

Engage in a global community

Come and be a part of a truly global community with students from all over the world and live an amazing experience

Promote Global Education

The Global Education experience in Spark Summer goes beyond the classroom, across international borders, into real life.

Pursue your Passion

Spark Summer gives you the opportunity to fully customise your programme, choosing from an English Language or Global Education programme.

Establish friendships
beyond borders

Spark Summer offers you the chance to make life-long, meaningful connections with young people from all around the world.

Spark Summer Environment

Academic Programme

Our academic curriculum principles are underpinned by the assurance of equality of access and opportunity to learn and achieve progress. We offer you the possibility to choose between two programmes: English Language and Global Education, both designed to enhance skills for the 21 century.

Co-curricular programme

Our Co-Curricular options offer you the opportunity to pursue your dreams and connect with international peers who share the same passion or values. As well as developing your communication skills, you will be learning through our concept-based curriculum intricately designed for holistic education.

Pastoral Care

Spark is committed to supporting your wellbeing and helping you thrive in all aspects of your life. Students have the possibility to explore new ways of learning and new activities in a supportive environment and we want to assure you that we will create the hub where young people develop a sense of belonging.

Where can you find us?

Spark Summer allows the possibility to go outside the classroom, focusing on delivering a values-led, life-defining educational experience through the Mount Kelly campus facilities.

Key Information

Price £1100 /week

Students have to participate for at least two weeks in the programme


10th of July - 6th of August


The programme is dedicated for students ages 12-17.

Our timetable explained

  • Knowledge acquisition

    The emphasis of this section of the timetable is to promote what Spark is all about. Knowledge acquisition will follow the flipped learning model whereby students will spend time developing their knowledge and exploring the content and themes for the day with guidance from their teacher.

  • Knowledge development

    Lesson 2 provides an opportunity for the teacher and the young people in the class to explore the themes in more detail and will provide opportunities for the development of: language, team-building, communication and knowledge.

  • Knowledge Mastery

    Mirroring the learning journey of the full-time Spark student, the young people will be able to expand their mind and utilise their knowledge to participate in presentations, formulate their ideas in debates and develop their critical analysis skills through the use of effective questioning.

  • Project Work

    The weekend will provide students in both the English Language Programme and the Global Education Programme the freedom to expand on their ideas and use their creativity to design and act upon student-led initiatives. The result of these initiatives can vary from live studio weather reports to fashion weeks and even mock United Nation council meetings.

  • Co-curricular

    An exciting range of co-curricular options are intrinsic to Spark Hubs, allowing your child to pursue their passions. These options range from academic pursuits such as Science and Maths to Sustainable Fashion and Art, or through our specialist sport coaching. Engagement in Co-Curricular options will allow your child to understand a broad range of concepts including; Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing, Leadership Skills, Employability Skills but also to engage in physical activity and to understand the importance of its relationship between health and mental wellbeing.

  • Societies

    Our societies are designed with the students’ focus at its core and are enabled by the passions and skills of our talented staff. With input from our ‘Bright Sparks’ these societies are created by the students and for the students. (more about bright Sparks)

  • Reflection

    Led by our Learning Journey Advisors, these sessions highlight the importance of regular reflection and goal-setting. Led by the Wellbeing team, these sessions provide the students with an opportunity to discuss current affairs, share how they are feeling and discuss how they are going to make the most of their time in the UK. The LJA’s will also provide essential PSHE support regarding student wellbeing.

  • Evening Social Programme

    After an exciting day the students have one last opportunity to come together and participate in mass social events. These events can include, bounce night, murder mysteries, weekly Disco’s, team building exercises, laser-tag and much more.

  • Excursions & Adventure Programme

    We have 2 full day excursions per week with additional adventure opportunities on Sunday’s. These exciting excursions include cultural experiences exploring the South-West of England and the surrounding areas of natural beauty, to city escapes and exhilarating thrill-seeking adventures. We also offer a London-Experience - please state your interest in this excursion on the booking form